2020: year of Adventure

24 June 2020

2020. It’s a year to harness adventure into our daily lives. Other than looking upon it only as a noun on a universal scale, I’m asking myself how I can embrace it as a verb on a personal level.

Where and how in my life, can I take a chance, to dare, to venture, to risk?

Since it is no longer life as usual, how can I turn my ordinary into extraordinary?

How can I open up more, with more of my own true essence?

Where can I stretch myself?

It’s a great time to look at all my self-imposed limitations, and think, act and decide differently. In fact, I want to decide not to decide too quickly. It’s time to inspire myself with changes, no matter how small, or rather, especially with all the seemingly little thoughts, actions and decisions.

With my work, while I know what my intentions are, I do not know what is the best way to do it. I want to try again, at all the things that seem to work for others but did not for me, but with a steady pace following my inner guidance and direction.

I want to follow my hunches, question my doubts and experiment taking action while in the gap.

With my relationships, I want to see my connections with fresh eyes, new thoughts and know people all over again. I want to meet new people and not judge them based on what I think I knew about people, personalities and motivations. I want to feel their intentions, understand their experiences, and be ok with not being the same as them.

Above all, I want to listen to the voice within, to guide me as I navigate and treasure each opportunity to love.

I want to manage myself differently so that I can grow more into being in joy, peace and wonder, as I relate with you, and with life.

With my goals, I want to dance in trust and playfulness for the energies to take me into flow. I want to relinquish my compass to good feelings only. Not in my mind only, but trusting the heart. Listening courageously to what the heart wants, and following through. Staying open to connect, allowing for others to join in and support me, trusting that all is perfect even if impermanent.

I want to dance with an innocence knowing that I am always in perfect hands.

And I want to create what is true, no matter how much I think it has been done before, and add in my own touch. The true me, the real me, what I grow up with, that I love and inspires me; let me bring that into my creations.

I want to stay my course and be ready to change plans, following the climate, the environment and serendipitous people and events I will meet. I want to keep being flexible, creative and not take anything too personally. I want to ride the waves in stride with ease and awe at how well things truly are beneath all the mayhem.

I want to transform on the inside and let that overflow.

I want to look back at 2020, and say “What a fine adventure!”

How about you?

Share in the comments below, tell me where and how you will embrace adventure in 2020.