Basil Tomato Cream Cheese DiP

22 July 2016

So I really enjoy mashing up ingredients for juices and dips…or so I discovered.

When I learnt about raw veganism, I thought this was the perfect lazy gal way to be healthy and sassy in the kitchen! No cooking required, armed with a blender/food processor, and we’re good for all meals.

Been getting great feedback for the dips that I make for gatherings, and I would be so happy to share them with you!

I was asked to help make some dips with essential oils 2 weeks ago. The recipe is tasty already without the essential oils, but even more interesting with them. That said, I am using 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade *essential oils from doTERRA, so make sure you are using something that you trust!

Here’s one for those of you who are still not giving up your dairy:

Basil Tomato Cream Cheese Dip

Blend 300g of Cherry Tomatoes, a clove of garlic with 300g of Cream Cheese Yup, that is all.

That is all needed to make a super duper yummy easy dip.

When the blend is cooled (yup, imagine the heat from all that whirring and swirling) and before serving, add 6 drops of Basil essential oil and stir into the dip.

Serve with tortilla chips or vegetable crudités, or even spread it on your breads.

Voila, bon appétit!