CHange your space

23 March 2017

Make Room for New.
Take charge of your physical & emotional clearing.


What is cluttering your life?
Are you hanging on to an old version of your self when you really need to change?

Do you know that objects carry energy and the objects that you are not willing to let go of are creating that pull and holding on to you such that you cannot even move? You are so used to the energy of your room, the objects, the way the space is arranged, that sometimes you cannot see new possibilities.

Do you feel that you want to change?

Have you been feeling like you want to declutter and make room for something new, better, more suitable for who you are becoming?

Is your space warm and nurturing?

Have you fully utilized your space, your items, your purchases, gifts that have been given to you?

It is metaphoric, and it is literal. Declutter and make your space supportive for you. Toss out what you no longer need. Create what serves you best. Keep evolving, keep expanding, keep changing.

The reasons and benefits of decluttering are many:
It’s time to expand
It's time to let go and move on lightly

Less attachment, more expansion

Create room for joy

Create room for growth

Create room for love

Understand your abundance and resources

Know what makes you joyful

Make your life simpler and lighter

Some thoughts that hold you back:
I might need it someday.
I spent so much on that one and I have not even used it yet.
It would be or seem wasteful for me to throw away something in good condition.
It has a lot of sentimental value.
I need to keep it for my memories.
Someone gave that to me.

I understand. I have been in that spot. It took me 2 years and 2 shifts in location to finally start decluttering. Yes, I would share more about that with you in my next post.

What you may want to know first is that the pull of the energy of what we own can make us stay put in one spot longer than we want to, and the familiarity and therefore not to change can be massive. RESISTANCE.

Goodness. All the fears. In my case, the conditioning of my family, attachment to what I loved, who I have been…


What would you like to change right now? Your relationship? Your abundance? Your personal power? Your image and identity? Your attractiveness? Your connection to the divine? Your peace? Your excitement and joy of living? Keep the list going.

Tell me what you want to change. And I will tell you how to change through decluttering to create space for that. Yes, I do offer consultation, and consolation, to support people in decluttering and letting go, so that you can make space for what you truly want.

I know how difficult it is to get started on decluttering. Long before I read Marie Kondo’s famous book on "The Life changing Magic of Tidying up", I have already wanted to do it.

For years, a decade even, passed; and I never got round to it.

What I have realized was that I took every chance to escape my possessions; through travels, work, social meetings, activities... The clutter remained, and my desires and dreams remained, in the same way…sitting on my shelves, in cupboards, drawers, sometimes on the floor…wherever…

Don’t let your life collect dust. That's my point.

Get in touch with me if you have been wanting to work through your clutter or make space for change, but never got round to it. We may be able to unravel some blockages there and clear them. It is not easy. Decluttering is an emotional process. I have found so much relief, joy and revelation in my own decluttering journey, I look forward to helping more of you get started on yours, in whatever ways I can.

Let’s all make space to sparkle and shine.