20 August 2020

If you want to be creative, and create often, celebrate these 3 things.

Being told you are wrong

Being different from everyone else

Knowing that what you have created is far from perfect but putting it out anyway


Being told you are wrong
Think how many times Fashion has employed that as a muse for a trend. From asymmetrical designs to thick eyebrows, cut jeans to the hilarious moustache face masks. Without trying something that others may think is wrong, we will never know what feels right to us, and discover to our horror and delight at the same time, how many others feel the same.

At some point in time, or many times during their careers, great entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Sarah Blakely, have been told they were wrong. Had they not persevered and stuck with their guts, we would not have sleek and leading edge Apple products, daring ventures of Tesla and SpaceX, and comfortable shapewear Spanx.

It’s time to try new things, even if others think you are wrong. Just 10 years ago, we were not sure if Ecommerce was even a thing, but today, online shopping threatens bread and butter retail brands.

Seriously, the idea of videos of a child and his family unboxing and reviewing toys would have been balked at by many of us, but look at Ryan Kaji who made millions as a Youtube star. While my generation were left baffled, my 8yo daughter and millions of young children around the world could not have been more excited and supportive. My daughter had told me three years ago “Mum, I want to have my own channel. It’s so fun.” I smiled wryly, knowing she’s not wrong, yet not right either. I maintain an open mind and heart, after all, what’s there not to love about the idea of unlimited toys and fun?

Being different from everyone else
There is something precarious about standing out, because birds of a feather flock together, and the odd kid is always picked on. There is a sense of safety and inflated sense of rightness about being the same as everyone else. Apart from the fact that parents want to keep us safe and protected especially when they are not physically with us, sometimes it is simply easier as a society to manage logistics and more with consensus and homogeneity. But thank God, someone decided they dare to risk to be different, and we have Jazz music, rap, rock renditions of classical music delivered by uber sexy musicians, we have different art genres like Pop Art, Graffiti & Street Art, Yayoi Kusama since she is a class of her own... we have Bubble Tea, Durian Cake, Rojak....we have Eat Pray Love again another creation in a class of its own, and the first world famous infinity pool atop Marina Bay Sands…

Do you have something that is different from everyone else that you actually love about yourself that could be a great idea for living? Knowing that what you have created is far from perfect but putting it out anyway?

Coming up with something and stashing it away is as good as wasting.

Think of all the times you have came up with a new creation – be it art, product, idea, expressions…and put it away. There is no momentum in that. You probably ended up giving up. Maybe you continued to slog on with no real results. Frustrating.

Creativity grows when we involve and engage others. We put something out, people use it, read it, take it, slam it, get inspired by it by awe or disgust, love it, hate it, give us feedback or none (is a feedback too)…that would fuel our creative growth.

Stop keeping things away. Share it with people. Get feedback.

Remember: Progress, not perfection. Thanks Marie Forleo.

Just look back at the first generation computers and mobile phones. Compare cartoons to anime. Reflect on your work, your glorious self;10 years ago and now…Look how far you have come, and you know it would not have been possible, had you not continued to put yourself out there, and kept on improving.

You deserve a pat on the back, or a kick in the butt, if you prefer.

Share with us your preference, sentiments, reflections and creations in the comments.