Crying during meditation

27 May 2020

Crying during Meditation and not sure what to do about it?

Simply sit and observe.

Are you feeling sad, disappointed, grieving or bittersweet relief? Or more?

Take note of the thoughts that accompany your difficult emotions.
We can become aware of what was troubling us. Better yet, we may also gain insight into possible resolution. When we be still and allow, our body can let go of all the tension and what no longer serves you.

Not sure what it is? That is fine too.
Just allow. Repeat to yourself "This too shall pass".

When it gets overwhelming and you feel a need to lie down and cry until the tears pass, please give yourself full permission to do so. There is nothing wrong with it. We all deserve to be nurtured just as when we were babies. I curl up into my blanket and cry myself to sleep even at 42, and I intend to do so no matter what age I may be and when life feels too much for me to bear. Sometimes it is the only way to surrender fully into accepting what I cannot change. You will return to peace after. If you repress and suppress, you may find yourself edgy and quick to snap. Crying is not a sign of weakness, it is simply a biological response when we are integrating, purifying and renewing. The strongest people cry, just think about your mum. 😉

Be gentle with yourself.
There is nothing wrong with you. Life may not give us what we want, but it is nevertheless beautiful. We are part of an interdependent macrocosm filled with push-pull energies that are effected by many parties, learn to not take it personally.

Affirm to yourself "Life is happening for me in divine timing."
Drink lots of water to rehydrate yourself, take a shower and take a walk in nature if you can. Movement, a little dose of sunshine and being embraced by the frequencies of trees, plants and animals will surely bring you more joy and energy.

What to do if you cannot let go of the thoughts and emotions that continue to trouble you
Sometimes there are layers to your emotions. For example, beneath the sadness is anger; beneath the anger is helplessness. At times like that, you may have to unpack these layers so that you can find peace within again.

Journal or use techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique and plenty of Forgiveness to work through the emotions. Look up EFT + a relevant subject area for you on youtube and tap away.

Talk to a friend or mentor, consult a counsellor, therapist, coach or healer who can help you to detangle the thoughts and emotions, and take actions to change and transform.

When people come to me during a session, I would look at the factors, root causes and other people involved, energetically support them to shift immediately, and also recommend the most suitable practices that they can continue to use after the session. I feel wonderful and grateful every time you trust me with unresolved emotions related to your hopes, dreams and desires. It is much easier together to uncover beliefs, trauma or fears that are holding you back, and gain insights, perspectives and strategies that you need most to steer back into the smooth currents of life.

If I can support you in any way, please reach out by email to I will be happy to assist or point you towards resources. If there is anyone you know who needs to see this right now, please send them a link, so they know what they can do. You never know how it may help give them a boost and uplift that they really needed.

Let your tears flow
Like the rain that is nourishing the earth
Remember, "This too shall pass"