Decluttering: resist or relish

26 March 2017

Sharing some common thoughts that hold us back and what you can do to change them.

I shared about how it took me 2 years and 2 shifts to finally start decluttering in my previous article. I had to fit what I had into the room that I was moving into, yes you heard it right, room. I was downsizing and as a result, I realize what it was like to live with my material possessions, energetically.

Two shifts and a few boxes left untouched after, I was really feeling the discomfort of realizing that I had too much that I was not using or underutilizing, craft materials, crystals, books, clothes…not to mention living with clutter…

I had enough for craft lessons for an entire year, clothes that could last me months should I decide not to do any laundry, crystals for mandala workshops for 50 participants that I have not continued to conduct for the past year, books that I read and loved, books that I thought was interesting but never got around to reading, books that I felt I would read someday…

I started questioning myself why I needed so much and what these things were serving in my life, and when I was ever going to get round to doing anything with them.

Was my indecision apparent in the way I accumulated my belongings and what are these objects’ purpose in my life?
What are the old patterns that I needed to let go?

That was jumping the gun. I found out as I decluttered.

It first started with my room at my parent’s place that I had left untouched for 6 years since I left for my year long journey in search of myself. Talk about stagnant energies! We grew up with guilt about throwing things away because thrift was a virtue according to my grandma. When we did throw things out, it had to be in stealth mode or proud announcement that the item had been used up to shreds and far exceeded its period of service to us. Guess that perfectly explained why I could do that first round of declutter only when my parents were away for holiday. Talk about permission!

I took 2 days and when I am done, I have thrown away 16 black trash bags full of what I did not need anymore. These were mainly clothes that I could still wear from 20 years ago, bags and shoes that I was never going to use anymore, stationery that ranged from cute to edgy that had accumulated nothing but brown spots over the years, and also medals and trophies that stood for who I was in my academic lifetime that meant little right now…

Goodbye to the me that have shone brightly in my younger years, I would love to celebrate the me now.

It was funny, but I felt my inner adult turned up when I did that, releasing things that I have been using and hoarding in my growing years. What a relief and empowering feeling!

Two weeks after, I got round to working on what I brought with me into my space now. A zen monk had given me homework to declutter a year and a half ago. I took on his instructions which I had perceived before as too challenging and demanding. This is extreme decluttering mind you, not for the fainthearted. Yet this time, I found it a lot easier. Why? There was finally enough pain and motivation to change? Yes. Also, I know that when I decided to clear away what was easier to let go of, I could move on to the ones that are keeping me stuck right now.

A tip is to start with what is easier. While we are at it, I would also like to share with you how you can work through some of those resistance which I shared in the previous article.

"I might need it someday" – someday is not today, and it may be 10 years on, so what about in between, are you going to live with that? Realize that this is a lack mentality, it carries the energy of worry, and what it points out is your fear to move.

"I spent so much on that one and I have not even used it yet" – so don’t spend more energy on what you may never use. Sell, gift, recycle…share your abundance!

"It would be or seem wasteful for me to throw away something in good condition" – it is wasteful for it to be sitting around, find a use for it or lose it and don’t waste your space

"It has a lot of sentimental value" – take a photo of it and keep the memory

"I need to keep it for my memories" – take a photo of it and keep the memory

"Someone gave that to me" – would you mind if your friend gave away something you have gifted that he/she no longer needs?

In any case, I encourage you to think about the reasons that your mind would conjure up for you to not face the difficult task of throwing things out, and ask yourself if they are really excuses. Then sit and feel how your body reacts or responds to you imagining yourself decluttering.

Yes, we are talking about your energy.

Pick an area at home or at your workplace right now that you feel need some tidying up or throwing out.

How you feel may give you an indication:

Slumped and sluggish, some anxiety and frustration about having to do that – very likely you really will benefit a lot from decluttering.

Excited and clear that you would do it – what are you waiting for?

Light and fresh after visualizing throwing stuff out – you got it, just do it!

Where are you at when it comes to decluttering?
Share and tell.

Get in touch with me if you would like a coaching and energy clearing session to support you in moving yourself along in letting go and creating space for what you truly want.