Don’t Worry. Be Active.

3 October 2019

Worrying is one of the most incredible ability that human has.

We sit there conjuring up scenarios in our minds that scare the hell out of us, and then become frozen in the replaying of our helplessness. Incroyable.

You know how we can worry ourselves sick…(yes check that chronic condition of yours and see if it is related to a long-term worry).

The best way to shift out of worry is taking an action, any one action.

Whatever you may be worrying about right now – children, parents, spouse, health, finances, the new project, the difficult co-worker and your likely clashes, how you are going to say no to whoever asked you to do whatever you don’t want to… Please know that you can shift out of that right now.

Worry is a form of stuck energies. Worry is possibly only a figment of your imagination. The worst scenarios are only playing out in your mind at the moment. Why not use your mind in the right way so that you can think towards a better way out?

Your worries are often accompanied by self debilitating thoughts that say “I CAN’T…(do whatever it is that is needed to get out of that likely situation)”.

Instead of dwelling on the “I can’t”s in your mind and feeling a frozen frenzy, think “What is one small action I CAN take to make this better for me right now?” Set your mind to work positively for you.

Notice that the question is not even about solving the problem outright, especially if it is a massive one. The question is simply leading you to a better feeling state – something that you can do to make yourself think and feel better right now.

A perfect simple example for those who always worry at night before going to bed, the answer could be “There is nothing I can do now except to rest well so that I have more energy to support myself tomorrow. The answer may come when I wake up.”

Other times, maybe you will have a sense to take a walk, drink more water, call somebody…just follow these small steps that arise from your inner voice and see where that leads you.

What if you cannot get any answers on what to do next? Then simply MOVE.

Exercise. Get active. Stretch. Go for a run. Turn on the music and dance. Help yourself to feel stronger and alive right now. Make space in your mind to feel good and the relevant steps and answers will start to pop.

Continue asking the questions toward your actual desired goals and outcomes, and listening to guidance that arises from within.

Every time you worry, remember to choose to lovingly turn your worries into small actionable steps to support yourself better.