Empowering Affirmations
for Decision-making

2 September 2020

Stress versus Empowerment when making decisions lies in the way you think! Here are some affirmations that you can use to change your responses.

Life is chock full of surprises and when we are delivered circumstances – whether a platter of delights or ‘shit biscuits’ we are probably not ready for, instead of feeling blessed, we can feel burdened by choices and options that we thought we are not ready to take.

​At this juncture, in my past, I would most probably be wallowing in “poor me” “why must it happen to me” thinking. I believe it could be a combination of maturity of age, sufficient life experiences and adequate self work that made me a lot more centred, a lot more grateful and a lot more empowered these days.

When unplanned synchronicities and crossroads happen these days where I have to make decisions, rather than feeling burdened, I make these affirmations and take actions accordingly:

I choose to celebrate my ability to make a balanced decision from both the head and heart.

I give thanks for infinite possibilities and support that are available for me to make the best choice that comes from a space of love.

I recognise the blessings of events and people that come into my life to enrich it in their own ways, no matter what is occurring in the relationships.

I stay grounded in my body, and allow a feeling of wellness to envelop me, and to come into centre, knowing that “All is well” at the moment.

I have the power to co-create and shape the reality of my life.

I pray for clarity, courage and wisdom to make the right decision and take the right actions, at the same time. I invite Divine support and intervention to guide and reorientate me every step of the way.

Take a pause here. Go right round and read these affirmations aloud, one by one, and close your eyes after each one and feel the vibration of truth in your body when you feel into these words.

When we change our thinking with more empowering and supportive words, we can change the way we dance with life.

Continuous re-programming through words will rewire our brains so that we can find greater balance, wellbeing and ease in life. Needless to say, I use Energy medicine to support me every step of the way. Through insights that arise, I am able to know what would be for the highest good of all and find the path of least resistance. In any case, when you find yourself not knowing if you have made the right decision, you can also always take an Energy Shifts and Insights session to support you in gaining insights. Make an enquiry with me and send me a text at +65 8777 5703.

At the same time, these affirmations will also help you.

I trust that I am at the right place at the right time.

When one door closes, another opens.

Every step I take is divinely guided and supported, leading me to my highest good.