energy shifts

27 September 2019

A quick lesson on how to know if you have an energetic weakness and what you can do to support yourself to shift the flow.

When it comes to energy in our lives, we want it to be smooth, strong and flowing. That’s how our career, projects and relationships remain healthy, vital and thriving. Whenever we get stuck and feel like things are not moving, that’s when you know there are energetic weaknesses.

There is one simple way to diagnose for yourself.

Think of a particular person, project, situation, colour, food, etc that you feel might be affecting you…

Check if any of this happened:

You feel your body shrinking or slumping

Your stomach churns

Your throat constricts

You feel constriction or heaviness somewhere – heart, shoulders, muscles, headspace…

Your emotions get heightened (both positive and negative ones by the way)

What is interesting for me as a practitioner is to come to realization that sometimes it is not just negative situations that weaken us, positive situations can as well.

For example, we know that although it’s really nice to be experiencing a new romance, we can be so caught up with euphoria that we cannot do anything else. Positive emotions but energies are not flowing – good for a while, can become stagnant if you don’t do something with that.

Perhaps you really really enjoy a particular food or place usually, but there are times when you feel your heart sink when that place is mentioned. In that instant, you are experiencing energetic weakness in relation to something that you usually think is positive to you.

You just got promoted. You should really be feeling happy but you have a tightness in your heart. You are glad and celebrating, but something continues to bother you, and then you realize later that the promotion meant that you won’t be able to spend as much time with your newborn.

Hopefully these simple illustrations give you a glimpse of how to understand and recognize when you are feeling energetically weak and what is affecting you. You are also probably thinking, “so what can I do about it?”…

Other than seeking support from practitioners including myself for “Energy Shifts & Insights” so we can clear various layers of blockages and get you moving towards your desired outcomes, you can also support yourself whenever you catch your own weaknesses arising.


Adjust your physiology by sitting upright and breathe in and out consciously as you think of the same mentioned.

Say to yourself or out loud: I recognize and is conscious that this used to affect me. Now I let that go.

Afffirm “I am now strong connecting or disconnecting with that.”

Depending on how deeply you are affected by the weakness, you may temporarily or permanently resolve it. Try it and see if that works for you. Leave me your feedback in the comments or email to me