Holding Space for Self Reflection & ContemplatioN

3 June 2020

Whether it is all rainbows and unicorns for you at this time with occasional storms, or disturbing and stressful for you as you try to make sense of your world, I hope my sharing can support you to feel better, from within.

What the World needs right now is a huge Rose Quartz crystal and plenty of light workers using the Violet Flame to transmute and clear the energies everywhere, within and without; continuous prayers and praise to call in the grace from a higher power; and lots of tender loving care for your soul as much as you personally and collectively need.

I’m speaking especially to the empaths out there, I’m feeling it. I can’t seem to avoid it. Even though I live in Singapore, when the Hong Kong protests erupted, my Facebook feeds were filled with posts from my friends in Hong Kong. Even as I try to make the best of the stay home situation thanks and no-thanks to COVID-19 (is it really a pandemic or controlled move serving several agendas perpetrated by certain individuals and sectors?), and really look at moving business online, I am reading posts, in my online business community which is mainly Americans, from black women pouring their emotions out and also calling out the White women coaches for lack of real support. I’m feeling their pain and sadness that have been contained for centuries now explode in the wake of the unjust death of George Floyd. I too feel shaken a little because my daughter is biracial. Chinese Singaporean like me and African Portuguese like her biological father. She just went to US last year with my sister, and that made me rethink how safe it is for her there, how safe is this world for her when she is ready for solo travels when she grows up?

Stay present, I had to remind myself.

As freedom and control, conspiracies, propaganda, abuse of power and real loss of lives and jobs, massive fear and anger continue it’s waves around the planet, the best thing I can do is to stay centred, being grounded and at peace.

What are you growing through?

As we ride the current awakening waves that are fluxing and influencing every life on earth, we will surely have our own personal challenges. What are you going through? Or rather, what are you growing through?

In my case, I’m growing in my experience of navigating my freedom and boundaries.

This is how I navigate with my inner guidance and hold space for myself.
As I observe the personal incidents that disturb my peace and reflect on my own reactions and responses, I own up to my choices at moments of conflict, and also my choices thereafter.

I reflect on what I did well, and not so well. I check in with myself: “What action or non-action is important for me to grow more fully into my self, trusting my own inner guidance?”

It is a good time to go within and work on leaning into my own truth and continue to support myself by trusting my inner voice.

Life is very complex today. To stay fluid and resilient, without losing sense of self, we have to follow our own truths.

My guidelines and reminders:
Move where my soul moves me.
Be my own guide.
Be my own greatest supporter.
Let what is not serving me go.
Do not chase other people and their agendas, do not get caught in solving their problems that they try to draw me in, intentionally or not.
Only engage if it is truly meaningful.
Be with those who respect my time and energy.
First look after myself and my needs. We all owe that to one another.
Then when I have the capacity, I can ask myself how I can better engage with my community.

I have to remind myself everyday to give myself more love, rest when I have to, cry if I feel to, tune in when I feel it is important to, and let go and simply send love and put my own energy above all.

In the recent two weeks, I have come to an even deeper understanding of my empath nature, and grasp my own body awareness and subtle senses even more clearly. I know when emotions are and when they are not my own.

From deep-dive conversations and reflections with a dear practitioner friend who is into Human Design, I now understand how I even amplify the emotions of those who project their judgement onto me. It is a precious nugget of realisation that was enlightening, because it truly explains certain repeated dynamics that I have encountered with some strong characters in my life.

Well in any case, we don’t need to be perfect right now.

We are all learning what works or doesn’t. Just keep our intentions on what is good, what is kind and what best serves self and world.

Do our best and forgive where we are not.

Say a prayer.

Continue to meet life with a smile.

Show up for myself and my community through my work.