Honey spice dip

12 December 2016

Remember that the theme this time is simple. I absolutely wanted to make sure anyone can make the dips and enjoy them easily.

For Honey Spice dip, pop over to your local supermarket and grab a tub of plain natural yoghurt, I used 250g, stir in 50g of raw honey (please note that you may want to adjust the amount according to taste, it depends on both the brands and taste of yoghurt and honey that you are using), and once it is creamy and smooth, drop in 4 drops of Cinnamon* essential oil.

Get a pack of mixed fruits and nuts, gather a handful, crush and chop them and throw them on top of the yoghurt mix.

I also bought a pack of sea salt dark chocolate, ,took out about 4 squares, chopped them and threw them in.

This dip went so well with bananas, apples and oranges.

​It was both refreshing and gratifying for the taste buds. It’s a dessert in itself really.