How well do you love yourself?

11 November 2015

Imagine that the key performance indicator, if you are the CEO of your life, is how well you love yourself.
​​How would that change the way you live?

Imagine if you have a vision, mission and goals on how to love yourself better.

This is the message that I hope to bring forth in my self love coaching work.

Imagine that there are absolutely no rules and parameters except your own when it come to the drawing board and real life.

That, is how liberating self love is.

Now that is a huge topic.

If you have already began thinking, considering and planning to live the life you love, please share your thoughts, comments, etc below. I will be happy to hear from you what you think.


If you have yet to consider this question, as a start, I invite you to examine some self care habits that in practical life shows you if you are even paying enough attention to yourself.

1. Are you sleeping 6-8 hours a day?
2. Are you eating foods that nourish your body, in the portions and frequency that serves you best?
3. Are you exercising?
4. Are you expressing or tending to your emotions?
5. Are you spending time with your loved ones?
6. Are you spending time on your own, doing something that honours you – be it relaxing, pampering, allowing your creativity to be expressed?

We often overlook ourselves in daily living.

Start paying attention to at least one of these areas right now and see how your life improves.

It is time.

Start looking at your life.
Start envisioning the life that you desire.
Start voicing and giving life to what you envision.

​Are you ready to know your authentic self?