28 August 2019

Did you know that the U.S. Navy invested US$3.85 milliion in a 4 year research programme starting in 2014 to understand the phenomena of intuition...

Did you know that the U.S. Navy invested US$3.85 milliion in a 4 year research programme starting in 2014 to understand the phenomena of intuition and premonition that they called “Spidey sense”?

I am reading with delight the various research these days to show that there is truth in intuition with measurable results, and other subjects including energy, intention, sound frequencies and more. Scientists today finally begin to study the ancient tools and wisdom that will support us to excavate and mine our collective human potential. After all, Albert Einstein attributed his success to the sacred gift of intuition.

81% of 100 CEOs surveyed by Professor John Mihalasky of New Jersey Institute of Technology showed that those with high intuition scores also doubled their performance in 5 years. Is “gut feeling” also the “CEO ability”? You intuit and tell me.

The human brain records every single bit of information that it is exposed to and is wired to find patterns. It truly is a supercomputer that does so many things simultaneously and at a speed that our conscious mind cannot catch up with. There are pros and cons of course. While we can access intuition and insights, we can also be caught up by limiting beliefs that are programmed over time.

Today, let’s just look at the beauty of intuition and insights. In my own personal development and learning, I have practiced modalities that showed me time and time again how strangers who do not know one another can tell exactly what happened or is happening to another person. In particular, Family Constellation and Yuen Method are my favourite systems that instantly support ‘beginners’ to immediately access their intuition and knowing.

When you allow your conscious mind to take a backseat, and allow the information that is coming from your subconscious and superconscious, as well as from your physical senses, to inform you; you are accessing your intuition and insights.

Prep your conscious mind. Set the stage first that there is nothing right or wrong about whatever thought or feeling arises.
Hold your skepticism and just allow your creativity to play.
Remember the story of the 5 blind men and the elephant?
What if truth is an elephant and we are all experiencing different parts of the elephant?
Say the first thing that comes to mind without judgement, and another, and another, and another.
You get the drift.
The more open you are in your mind, heart and body, the more insights you can get.
Open all your senses and you can easily access your ‘sixth sense’.

Originally, Family Constellation developed by Bert Hellinger resolves personal and family trauma and patterns that spans across generations and unearths realities that otherwise remain hidden. Consequently, there are also business and systemic constellation that can address issues and patterns in the workplace and organizations. I practice a light version that was dubbed “Intuitive Representation” that was developed out of insight with a previous business partner. Whatever you wish to get insights on, for making better decisions or resolving conflicts, can now be worked out easily and quickly without involving your actual counterparts in life. All we need are willing participants to represent the actual people. It is extremely practical and effective.

The Yuen Method developed by Dr Kam Yuen, a Shaolin Kungfu Grandmaster, aerospace engineer and chiropractor, supports people to access their intuition and insights by the feeling of strength and weakness, which can be proven by kinesiology or muscle testing, about what is truly affecting the life situations in the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual realms of energy. Intuition can inform and pinpoint what the actual weaknesses stem from. We can address causal factors layers by layers and delete the energetic weaknesses and restore balance and harmony. This allows life-force to flow and situations to clear. Again, we do not have to involve real-life counterparts in the process.

I practice Energy Shifts & Insights for individuals and groups to support them to address their business and personal relationship challenges and goals. All these without needing to go through the people involved and questioning who is right or wrong, what should have been and not. So easy. I have thought it ‘too good to be true’ when I first heard about it.

At the same time, one of my most fulfilling outcomes is that through these tools, sessions and workshops that I facilitate and guide, I get to support amazing people to start to access and understand their own intuitive gifts, trust their own knowing and even develop their abilities further and as a result increase their personal confidence.

Better decision making? For sure! More serendipity? Of course! Happier connections? More Authentic Self Expressions? Less Stress and More Ease? Yes Yes Yes!

Did I mention that research also shows that intuition can be ‘practiced’? True. All over the world, teachers and practitioners have been saying “Intuition is like a muscle. You just have to exercise it and build it.”

“To my mind, organizational effectiveness does not lie in that narrow-minded concept called ‘rationality’; it lies in a blend of clear-headed logic and powerful intuition. [Society] has paid a terrible price by rejecting intuition over the course of almost a century.” Henry Mintzberg

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