Love in action is the ingredient for succesS

28 August 2019

Do you know why the food that your grandmother or mother cooks is usually more delicious than what you get from others?

Yup, that’s right. It’s the love that overflows from their heart into their action of love. It is their unconditional giving and joy to serve those that they love that is the secret ingredient in their recipe of love. You can literally taste and feel nourishment and nurturance. On the other hand, you can also taste it when they are in a bad mood, or sense that something is off, or that they are rushing that day.

Imagine if you pour love into every action in your business, work, relationships and self care. How wonderful, awesome and delightful life could become! Love in action is not a wishy washy lovey dovey concept. It is ancient cutting edge competitive advantage for success in all areas that we feel but seldom translate into words. Let alone action.

We know to “Do what you love, and Love what you do.” But do we know how to be Love in action? We often mistake Love in action as being passionate, and sometimes we rub our temples and forehead and go “so if I am not naturally high energy and enthusiastic, does that mean I am not passionate? How do I do this passionate thing?”

First of all, being passionate means you are willing to go to great lengths, if not all out, for what you believe in. It does not equate having to conjure great amount of pumped up energy and action to make a display of your commitment. Rather, the energy runs deep and steadfast.

Love in action, is in fact, embodying love and carrying out your actions basked in that energy.

In the past, I would go “What does embodying love even mean?” Maybe you have the same question. So here’s what I feel is the simplest way to explain and experience it.

It simply means to feel loved as you tune into the infinite sea of universal love that is supporting you and all the things that are going right for you in life. As you give thanks for all the things that you feel grateful for that leads you up to where you are now, and the endeavour that you are about to take, and also give thanks for all the wonderful results and outcomes that you ‘know’ will happen as you take this action step right now, trusting the eventual outcome will work out for your highest good; you will begin to feel the sensations of love, joy and gratitude welling up in your body.

You should be smiling by now and feeling infinite possibilities. Then you are basking in that energy. You are embodying Love.

And as you are feeling that energy strongly within your mental and emotional spheres that you can feel as a warming and even tingling in your physical cells, you can then write that email, make that phonecall, deliver your speech, serve that customer, tell your loved ones thank you and how much you appreciate them, give yourself a good scrub or massage etc… …but most importantly, perform that difficult task that you feel is impossible or impossible to translate into what your desired outcome is.

Let Love lead you to flow into taking a heartfelt action. Then bask in that love some more and continue to go about doing other things as you forget about that action you just took. Wait for the outcome to unfold on its own. That is Love in action.

Try it. Experiment with this feeling and intention in your being and actions, and observe how ‘miracles’ begin to easily unfold in your life. See the results and outcomes that you ‘wish’ for become easily accessible. See how people start to say yes to you more and easily. Also, you can get in touch with me if you need some personal guidance. The key is FEEL (Love). INTEND. DO.