SHREK Smoothie

28 May 2017

It’s so good I can eat it everyday!

My friend Roger Curtis, who is a Bodywork Therapist and Relationship Coach from Australia, taught me how to make this super yummy and nutritious breakfast. Roger comes to Singapore every quarter and shares his Aloha with those who are fortunate to come into his gentle caring presence. For me, this Shrek Smoothie that he lovingly prepares is a super bonus! You can google his name and Kahuna bodywork to see where he may be for the next round.

Here’s what goes in this yummy green bowl:
1. Freshly grated Coconut flakes
2. Fresh Coconut Water
3. Red Skinned Bananas (supposed to contain higher amount of some antioxidants than yellow, and less sweet as well)
4. Pucuk Manis leaves (some sources say this must be cooked before consumption as it contains high amount of oxalic acid. Decide for yourself if you feel so, or substitute with other fresh greens, and decided which ones you prefer.)
5. Raw nuts ( I used Cashew and Almond, soaked when I have the time so it’s easier to digest)

Ok, the quantity I use is missing. You know in Singapore, we call it “agaration” in Singlish, for guesswork. Food prep for home is highly intuitive and we flow with what we find at the market and kitchen. 😉

Take a handful portion of the flakes and add in a cup of coconut water, 2 bananas, green leaves from say 5 stems, and blend them. You can do it all at once, or if you prefer a more flaky texture, just add the coconut flakes last for a quick swirl around the blender. The nuts are my personal preference, I add in before I chomp, but you can skip them and the smoothie on its own is just as good!

Give it a try and let me know if you enjoy this super yummy breakfast recipe.