Slim & Sassy jackfruit dip

22 July 2016

Ooh, I love this one. So simple. So healthy. Everyone kept telling me, ‘oh I never thought of using Jackfruit to make dips’…

…why not?

It’s so rich and fragrant and filled with yummy antioxidants and minerals.

8 bulbs of Jackfruit
300ml Coconut Cream

And here’s the game changer:
Stir in 10 drops of Slim & Sassy *essential oil blend before serving

The blend of mint and spices really brought out a different flavour to the taste of coconut and jackfruit!

A really delightful way to watch the weight while snacking!

I also added some grapefruit fleshy bits to the dip before serving, I imagine pomelo and navel oranges would taste really good too.

Personally, I really enjoyed this dip with hot and spicy tortillas.

The recipe is more watery but yum. If you prefer something creamier, reduce the coconut cream amount or increase the jackfruit as you like!