15 July 2020

Open-heartedness is a pre-requisite for open-mindedness. You need both to work together so that you can truly enjoy freedom in your being and creativity, and experience joy in relating.

Until you are also open-hearted, your open-mindedness is only a sliver of your imagination.

When the other wants us to hear them out yet we cannot understand or just don’t fully buy in;

When the other wants us to look at them yet we cringe because it is not what we are used to seeing or want to see;

When the other wants us to embrace them yet we are in the head overthinking because of past experiences or conditioning;

We can either get stuck on hemming and hawing in our minds about what is right or wrong, what we like or dislike, what we think is better or worse…closing in on a narrow perspective of one subjective view that we (previously) prefer


We can simply be in the moment, open our heart to accepting the other, unconditionally, and allow our minds to be at peace, and then open up to new ways of seeing, feeling and being.

When there is no right or wrong, better or worse, preferences or peeves, we are in a state of acceptance. We are much more present. We are much more loving, peaceful and joyful. It becomes easier to love the other, regardless of their gender, political leaning, religion, spirituality and sexuality…

From human heart to human heart, we can allow ourselves to peer into the minds of the other, and still beat in resonance and harmony.

Through relating with others, and the idea of who we are come into greater clarity. Where we judge the other is where we judge ourselves. If we were to open our heart and be in a state of loving kindness and acceptance, without judgement, are we still able to make a distinction between right and wrong, better or worse, like or dislike, you or me….do we not enter a state of unconditional love and pure existence?

Would you see that YOU ARE NOT what you like or dislike, what you think is better or worse, what is right or not, what you have been conditioned into being because of family, society, race, religion, gender, etc?

Would you begin to see that you are unconditional, at the core?

Would you be able to identify that you are a being of Love?

Would you accept, forgive and love better?

When we think we already know, how do we allow creative solutions to arise?

How do we create something new, better, more effective, more fun, more engaging, more gratifying…unless we open our hearts and minds to experience something new?

Are you able to surrender your ego identification, fears and worries when facing a situation, person or decision that you have to make, and simply be present to what is occurring at the moment, observing, and intending to co-create an outcome that is for the highest good for all involved? Then sit back, and allow your heart and soul to guide you?

You can ask yourself every step of the way “What would LOVE do?”

Knowing that you are Love, and Love is you. Would you allow your mind to offer you ways, instead of right or wrong and what you are used to, those that are more peaceful, fulfilling and loving for all?