stay open for extraordinary relationships

17 June 2020

The more uncertain we are in a relational dynamic of any kind, the more important it is to stay open.

We all hold different beliefs, views, opinions and experiences in life. We may have different response patterns to the same challenge or when in conflict. Sometimes new situations arise, sometimes we grow in a different direction, sometimes we morph according to our roles and responsibilities.

Rather than closing down into only one single way of thinking, behaving and handling, we have to realize that it is much more pleasant and effective to create an openness within ourselves, to allow for energy to flow, emotions to ebb, and clear thinking to emerge.

At the same time, we allow space for other people involved to also do the same.

When there is openness in the space held between people, we are allowing for creativity to arise, for new thinking and collaboration to grow, for trust to develop.

Saying “I don’t know yet what is the best way and it is ok” is a good place to start.

Staying centred from the heart, being patient, and cultivating ease, playfulness and curiosity as we intend for the best inspirations, solutions and outcomes are necessary practice every step of the way to foster a spirit of collaboration, growth and extraordinary service.

This is also applicable in spiritual cultivation and your relationship to the Divine.

Remind yourself whenever your catch yourself spiralling into overthinking or an emotional rut to:

Withhold your usual way of thinking

Let go of previously held notions and beliefs

Adopt a beginner’s mind to enjoy new perspectives Intend to dance to a new beat that includes, not excludes, others Invite through intention for win-win outcomes

Knowing on an intellectual level is not sufficient, we have to consciously breathe and integrate our intentions into our being, our presence, awareness and choices as we take actions, big and small; reminding ourselves every single day, and guiding ourselves based on these intentions.

Spend 10 minutes every morning when you sit in stillness to remind yourself.

You may use these statements or modify accordingly to suit your situation.

I am centred from the heart.

I am patient.

I cultivate ease, playfulness and curiosity in all aspects, especially and more so in the areas that I am uncertain.

I allow for the best inspirations, solutions and outcomes to come to me.

I believe in collaboration, growth and extraordinary service in all relationships.

Reflect and contemplate how you are showing up this way everyday. Adjust and redirect your thinking and actions constantly.