The NAme scarlett

6 June 2016

I have promised some months ago to share my story about how the name Scarlett CP came about. So here goes…

Last year during the summer solstice, I was involved in a series of portal activation and connection at a Sentosa portal that was helmed by my dear friend Julie Ann (saving those amazing experiences for another time), during and after which, I have always been visited by the peacocks and peahens of Sentosa whenever I was there. Prior to that, I had wanted to have a name that I could use for my spiritual and healing work, as CP didn’t quite an impression make, or so I felt. So when I had my weekly getaway there, I had asked for a name, and it came one balmy afternoon “Scarlett”…I was shocked. My starseed personality of inconspicuousness was jolted, and the previous challenges by the peahens to me to “get on the table” and “spread your wings and fly further than the peacock” was suddenly too in the face. I squirmed. Scarlett, a name that was reserved for the most sensuous, bold and beautiful women in pop culture (at least that was how I perceived the name), how was I to carry that? Yet, that very evening, I went up to the Merlion Tower, which I have never done before, and immediately, I felt a rush of energy supporting me and I declared inside “This is Scarlett of Singapore”. At that very moment, there were 2 cries from the peafowl that echoed throughout Imbiah. Ok. Deep breaths. Challenge accepted. I was not certain at all if I could rise up to the potential of that energy. Shortly after, Julie Ann invited me to her monthly meditation for the first time and I felt a calling to join. The morning of the meditation, I walked to the taxi stand joyously, looking up I snapped a picture of the clouds, and when I looked at it, I noticed an S in a yin yang symbol in the clouds, I laughed nervously to myself… “haha, no, guides, come on, no, I’m not going to introduce my name that way…” I stood fourth in queue, deliberating about name and happy that I would probably get a cab within 10 minutes. 20 passed, 30 passed, nearly 40 minutes…and I was going to be late…oh dear… At that moment I said to my guides, “ok, if you want me to use that name, then please send me a cab now.” Sure enough, in less than 10 minutes, still second in line, a red Toyota Wish Transcab rolled up stating it was going to Bukit Batok. I asked the driver if he would go to Bukit Timah and he said yes. I hopped on. Looking up as I belted up, the vehicle number was my birthday and the house number that I was headed. I thanked the guides for the cab and then wondered how I was ever going to let the name roll out of my tongue… During the meditation, we were asked to go into the crystal cave to retrieve our crystal with our name on it…I immediately got mine, a beautiful palm length wand, and I heard “Scarlett CP”. Hahaha, very funny, guides… “No, come on…” I started negotiating…When the meditation ended, Julie invited people to share if they felt to, naturally I was just soaking it all in and when all was done, she suddenly said “and I am very happy to have my friend CP here today, she also leads meditation and she is the only one from Singapore here”… uh-huh, that was the cue, very clearly. With slight trepidation yet allowing guidance to come through, I announced my name and shared about the signs and synchronicity leading up to that. The feedback was immediately fantastic. “Oh, I love that name” “I can see you with that name” “That is such a beautiful name”…there was a buzz of excitement somehow that went through the room…and the rest is history. Scarlett, feels to me, like my avatar. It is symbolic of strength and daring to be different. It has a sweeping energy with a fierceness of sorts to shake things up and make changes. I retained CP as that is part of me, and for those of you who had known me from before to continue to identify. Yet who knows how it may all change again in time to come. Meanwhile, this is Scarlett CP of Singapore.