The Power of One

1 July 2020

This is for all of you who are working on your business or your personal development alone. This is to remind us the power of ONE. Let’s make a difference in our lives, one question, one project and one person at a time.

“What can I do?” I woke up with this one question this morning.

It sparked a whole list of questions later:
What can I do today to move the needle in my business?
What can I do today that I have been putting off?
What can I do today to eat well and feel better?
What can I do today to get back into exercising?
What can I do today to feel more aligned with my self?

Often, it only takes one question to ignite our own wisdom to take action towards our own good.

What is that one question today that would inspire you to action for good in your own life?


What is the one project that will take your business, career or relationship, or health status to a new level?

If you only have time, energy and resources to focus on one project only, what would that be?

If you can only be allowed to do one thing for work going forward, which is the one focus that will bring you most joy and most rewards in a balanced way that you will love to continue with?

If you can devote yourself to embarking on special project with or for a loved one, what will that be?

How will that make you feel?

Can you commit to one fitness or nutrition regime that makes the most difference to improve your health?

Who is the one person that means most to your life?

How would you like your life to be like with him/her?

Who is the one person that you can reach out to today, just for the joy of connection?

Who is the one person that you can inspire and serve with your work?

Who is the one person that you would love to become more like?

Who is the one person that you can support today so the world is a better place?

Can you be the one person that stretches yourself and reaches out to another, to make a difference in this life, in our world?