What world will you make?

25 May 2017

I feel more and more that the future system of the world is not racially, religiously nor politically organized.

Our identity, lifestyle and pursuits will be ideal-based, values-based and love-based. Any organization that fails to address and embrace these changes will find themselves in a very awkward and conflicting spot.

Families of origins are becoming more and more temporal, religions are gaining more and more common grounds, businesses or rather, the way of making money is becoming more and more diverse, unique and innovative. “Education” becomes obsolete almost as soon as it is learnt.

As old dissolves and new arises, we truly have no idea what may become of leading systems and units of organization. Just as tribes, kingdoms, militaries faded, will families, countries and companies also pale in influence? What then will the new model or holding ground for communities not restrained and regulated by birth and economy be?

As we collectively begin to reject “the default”, what then will we design?

Life is not as per usual as we become more and more aware and expansive in our thinking and creative abilities. Unless we hold a strong centre or core of KNOWING AND FEELING who we are, which eventually distils into an essence of UNIVERSAL DIVINE LOVE, we will find it very hard to navigate the complexities and rapid pace of changes around and within us.

We have to practice RESPECT and TRUST amongst the human race (notice it is the human race? Does this term not tell us we are one regardless of the differences in our physical attributes, geographical locations and ideologies?), so that we can truly become collaborative, borderless and advance harmoniously in an elevated and elegant manner as an evolved specie.

As we enjoy more freedom and mobility, the question then is how adaptable are we to changes, how open and accepting are we of merging cultures and melting into and creating new traditions, how forward are we to let go of the past without attachment and simply enjoy each moment of newness of creation?

Can you look past colours, accents, smells, styles, personal and group inclinations and behaviour, and start focusing on peeling the layers of conditioning to be your true and wild and creative self?

These times are Scary. Exciting. Inevitable. Infinitely Creative. Incredible and Amazing.

What will you make of these times?