12 December 2016

I love this dip! I am always inspired to make pink food because it delights my little 4 year old daughter and the inner child in me.

For the holiday season as well, I really wanted to make something nurturing, healing and loving.

I must have both pink and green which are colours for the heart chakra, as well as Geranium essential oil, which is an oil for love and trust.

This dip will bring comfort for those in need of love and bring cheer for those who are already basking in joy.

Take out 250g of cream cheese and a slice of beetroot – juiced, pulp removed and poured into the cream cheese.

Stir with a spoon and whisk it till even. If you have a food processor or blender, popping it in there would make it easier.

Drip and stir in with a spoon 4 drops of Wild Orange essential oil, and 6 drops of Geranium essential oil.*

Garnish with about 20 kernels of pistachios with shells removed and chopped up.

I served the dip with some cheese crackers and tortilla chips, but it taste great with fruits too.